We're a supportive community of creatives and entrepreneurs in the twin cities area.


What now?

Let's strengthen relationships in Minnesota by saying byeee to transactional networking and saying yes to being friends!

The Buddy League is an online & IRL community for friends old & new. Together we can make Minnesota a thoughtful, inclusive, friendly place for everyone.


What's in it for me?

When you join the Buddy League, you gain access to a community of new friends from every nook & cranny of the MSP creative & entrepreneurial community. Stop sweating! This isn't a place for networking or making contacts. This is a place for making friends. After all, new friendships broaden our perspectives and bring us new opportunities! When we’re all closer it gives us more room to collaborate and see each other succeed.




A Newsletter!

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A Slack Group!

Join the Buddy League and get access to daily chatter in our league Slack. Whether you're seeking advice, showing us in-progress work, want to celebrate a win, or just post a dumb gif... we got you!


The Bud Hole!

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Who can join?

We're mostly a group of creatives and entrepreneurs but all are welcome at the Buddy League! Whether you're a designer, small business owner, student, or activist, if you think you'd benefit from the group, come on in!


How much does it cost?

It's free!


I'm lazy. What's the bare minimum I have to do?

Members of the Buddy League must be supportive, encouraging, friendly, not creepy, and challenging to other members. Treat each buddy like they're your actual friend. Because they are!

You can participate in as much or as little as you'd like. Whatever you're most comfortable with. However, the more you put into the relationships, the more you'll get out of them! Sound familiar?